Twitter for Business can be very successful.  If you find you’re out of your depth on the Twittersphere, you may find some of these tips useful –

Follow a lot of people and find it difficult to keep track?  Use Twitter lists.

Use relevant #hashtags – not too many; two is plenty.

Engage with people – retweet them, answer them, ask questions.

Try joining in on #IrishBizParty on Wednesday evenings from 9-10 p.m.  Introduce yourself and say what you do, including the #IrishBizParty hashtag.  Follow people who interest you, retweet tweets you think will interest your followers, and above all, if you can help someone, do so!

What’s the perfect tweet? That has yet to be identified, but here are some ideas about tweeting which you may enjoy.

Who should you follow? My number 1 recommendation would be @Tweetinggoddess Sam Kelly who is fantastic on social media and incredible at introducing people to the right people.